The feminist organisations, platforms or movements that wish to submit a project proposal to the FON project must follow the following steps:

    Any CSO, platform, or movement that meets the application criteria and wishes to become a sub-grantee for the fon project can apply by responding to the calls for expression of interest. These calls will be posted on various platforms, including the fon landing page, the AFD country agency website, consortium partners’ websites, and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    Organizations, platforms, or movements interested in applying must complete the application form and submit the specific documents requested for each funding window.

CSOS interested in applying for FON funds should complete the application form for the relevant funding window using the provided model. They need to submit the duly filled form along with the required supporting documents for that specific call to the email address mentioned in the application form.

CSOs have the option to apply to more than one funding window. If they are awarded grants for multiple windows simultaneously, the funding will be limited to the maximum amount specified for the largest window requested. For example, if a CSO applies to windows 1 and 2, and both grants are approved, the maximum total amount they can receive for both grants would be 100k (the ceiling of window 2).

However, after receiving an initial sub-grant, CSOs can reapply to the same funding window (with a request related to the same objective or a completely new one). Alternatively, they can submit a funding request to a different funding window, as long as they adhere to the criteria of each window.

In cases of restricted calls for expression of interest, CSOs can seek support for submitting their request from one of the consortium members operating in their region.
CSOs can apply to funding window 3 either as a lead or as a sub-recipient in another application. The application follows a template but, if necessary, the format can be visual or narrative.
The language of application can be in French, English, or Spanish, depending on the country/region.

Submission Checklist

  • 1) Do I meet the criteria outlined for each window above?
  • 2) Have I submitted required documentation to the email address in the application form?
  • 3) Have I signed the Statement of Integrity?
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