Strengthening Feminist Organisations in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

Between May 31st, 2022, and September 30th, 2026, the FON Project will sub-grant 7 million Euro to feminist CSOs, networks or movements based in the 10 countries of the project. 65 % of the sub-grants will go to feminist organisations in Africa, 17.5% in Latin America and 17.5% in Asia.

The objective of the project is to build the capacity of women’s movements, via sub-grants and organizational development support, especially for small organizations, often non-registered, to address and respond to gender-based violence.

Watch our video to learn more about how FON is making a difference in the fight for gender equality and empowering women.

Where Do I Apply?

The awarding of grants to feminist CSOs is organised around 3 funding windows:

Note that the 3 regions concerned in this project have different specifications for each window.

Boost Call (5,000 to 15,000 Euro)

Its primary aim is to assist feminist CSOs in dealing with external challenges like political instability or insecurity, as well as internal unforeseen events such as financial issues or the need for additional funds within the organization. This may include addressing treasury issues, fulfilling urgent and unexpected needs, securing co-funding to complete a project or activity, or participating in a crucial sector event. The window is also open for CSOs to apply in anticipation of upcoming opportunities, whether programmatic, advocacy-related, or otherwise. The key concepts for this window are emergency response, flexibility, and seizing opportunities.

It is specifically designed to accommodate small and informal CSOs without strict seniority criteria.

Please read through the application process here

Download application form details and guidelines


Organisational Development Call (10,000 to 100,000 Euro)

This funding opportunity is designed to help CSOs improve themselves in terms of organization, technical skills, and program development. The main focus of this funding window is to support feminist CSOs in ensuring their long-term viability. This includes strengthening their capabilities in areas such as financial management, monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL), knowledge sharing (capitalization), and resource mobilization.

Additionally, these CSOs can receive support in technical aspects such as advocacy, conducting research and analysis on serious violations of women’s rights, and designing and implementing projects addressing gender-based violence in humanitarian settings. The funding is also open to CSOs seeking financial assistance for initiating a new program or requiring co-funding for an existing or new initiative.

Innovation and visibility actions to support the prevention and response to GBV are encouraged.

Please read through the application process here

Download application form details and guidelines

Africa (Closed)

Latin America (Closed)


Networking Call (10,000 to 150,000 Euro)

It welcomes requests that encourage dialogue, meetings, and collaboration among feminist CSOs with the goal of bringing about transformative and systemic changes. This includes networks, alliances, movements, or any organized form of dialogue, whether already established or in the process of formation.

Preference will be given to existing alliances and platforms. The window also considers umbrella structures that host multiple small and/or informal organizations. Additionally, CSOs that receive sub-grants under any of the three funding windows can benefit from training programs and network activities.


NB: Applications to this window are now closed in all regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

My organization works with women in rural areas of Burkina to help them access land to increase their economic power. Can my organization apply?

YES, absolutely. All civil society organizations working on any form of gender-based violence in the countries targeted by FON can apply. You can refer to the definition of gender-based violence below.

The FON project will focus on all forms of gender-based violence (GBV), which is defined by the UNHCR as harmful acts directed against an individual because of their gender. It is rooted in gender inequality, abuse of power, and harmful norms. The consequences of gender-based violence are devastating and can have lifelong repercussions for survivors. It can even result in death. Gender-based violence can include sexual, physical, mental, and economic harm inflicted in public or in private. It also includes threats of violence, coercion, and manipulation, as well as any form of gender or sexual identity-based discrimination (economic, political, etc.). It can take many forms: a) Physical violence ü Verbal violence (including hate speech) b) Psychological violence c) Sexual violence d) Socio-economic violence

Who can apply for the call?

We accept applications from civil society groups and organizations implementing activities to combat and prevent gender-based violence in the countries targeted by FON (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Niger) in the African region.

We particularly encourage applications from organizations working with or led by individuals who, in their local context, may face particularly high levels of discrimination, gender inequalities, and gender-based violence, such as:

  • LGBTI+ community members and individuals with different sexual orientation and gender identity, in general.
  • Persons living with disabilities
  • Persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • Racial, ethnic, or indigenous minorities (in the local context)
  • Internally displaced persons, migrants, and refugees
  • Sex workers
  • Youth
  • Members of any other community who, in their local context, face particularly high levels of discrimination, gender inequalities, and gender-based violence

We do not accept applications from individuals, public/governmental institutions, international organizations, or groups not working on gender-based violence.

Can my organization apply if we do not implement activities in FON countries?

While we acknowledge the importance of your work in combating gender-based violence, we can only fund organizations located in the countries targeted by FON. We recommend reaching out to other funds working on gender-based violence in other countries. These funds include:

Can I apply if I work for an unregistered organization?

You can still submit a funding application, but you will need to provide:

  • a valid reason for not being registered, and
  • contacts for a registered non-profit organization that can speak about your work, vision, and challenges.

How long will FON funding applications be open?

It depends on the grant you are applying for.

If you are applying for Grant 1: BOOST, please note that it is an ongoing call, and you can apply at any time between May 2023 and September 2025 for emergency funding or opportunities. Please note that this depends on the availability of funds.

If you are applying for Grant 2: Organizational Development, you can apply during the open call period, which is approximately four weeks from the launch date. Feel free to follow us on our social media (insert links) to stay updated on our calls.

Can we apply for both windows?

Yes. If your applications align with the objectives of both grants, you can apply to both grants with different activities, up to the ceiling of the higher grant. In Africa, you can apply to both grants, up to a combined amount of 100,000 euros.

Can we reapply if another call is open?

Yes, it is possible. As long as your applications are relevant and fit the call objectives.

What is the selection process?

Once your application is submitted, the regional lead for Africa will conduct an initial selection based on eligibility criteria. After this selection, the decision-making body, the Regional Advisory and Coordination Committee for Africa (CCCR), will meet to review applications based on objective selection criteria. We will conduct an interview with your organization if we need more information about your organization. Following the second phase, we will perform due diligence, which will inform our final decisions. In summary, you will receive provisional decisions in July, and the final decision will be communicated after due diligence has been conducted.

How long do we have to spend the grant if our application is accepted?

It depends on the grant window you are awarded and the project duration you estimated and indicated in the application form.

The duration of Grant 1: BOOST is a maximum of six (06) months.

Grants from Grant 2: Organizational Development can last up to two and a half years, depending on the project you seek to fund through FON.

All projects funded by FON must conclude by December 2025.

Can we use a different format than the one provided by FON to submit our application?

Absolutely! We have provided a format for use and recommend organizations, where possible, to use it. If you find another innovative way to present your project/activity (such as a video, images, etc.), we would be delighted to see them. The only condition is that you answer all the questions included in our template in the format of your choice.

Can we get guidance on developing our applications?

Yes, we have set up a series of application guidance to assist you. Webinars will be held in May to present the project and answer questions. Please visit for more information on webinar registration links.

You can send further questions to We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.