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🌟 Unveiling Feminist Opportunities Now (FON): Our first newsletter!

We are excited to present the inaugural newsletter from FON, marking a
significant milestone in our journey. Get ready to delve into the heart of FON,
where passion meets purpose across 10 countries on 3 continents against Gender-Based Violence.

🌐 Discover FON: Unveiling Our Consortium and Mission.

Explore the core essence of FON and gain a comprehensive understanding of our team. Who is the team behind FON? We’re not just a consortium; we’re a movement dedicated to catalyzing positive change for gender equality.

Meet Our 57 Member CSOs: A Network of Strength

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of FON as we introduce our 57-member Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These are the driving forces behind our collective impact, united in the pursuit of empowering women, promoting diversity and eliminating Gender-Based Violence.

🏆Celebrating Milestones: A Glimpse into Our Achievements

Take a sneak peek at the remarkable milestones achieved by FON so far. From how much we have disbursed so far to how many local organizations we have partnered with to implement commitment to equality.

This newsletter is more than just words on a page—it’s an invitation to join us in the FON movement, where every voice contributes to a harmonious chorus of change. Welcome to a world where opportunities for feminism are now, and the journey has just begun! 🚀✨

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