Who we are

We are the result of more than two decades of community work in the areas most affected by vulnerability, namely the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez. We have an ecological space that we have built with our own resources called La Promesa, and in this wonderful place, we offer support through community and cultural programs to women and their sons and daughters. Equally important, we collaborate with other organizations and leaders in the city to influence the monitoring or creation of public policies in favor of violence prevention, youth, and children. The programs are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

To prevent violence and address it through community-based, multicultural, and feminist approaches that allow us to overcome fear and contribute to peace processes in Ciudad Juárez.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering organization in the formation of community and cultural processes.

Our Programs

  1. Community and psychosocial development
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Art and culture
  4. Advocacy in cultural and social policies
  5. Perspectives on our work
  6. Gender equity
  7. Human rights
  8. Citizen participation
  9. Environment

Our Achievements

  • Held 2 mosaic art exhibitions of beneficiaries in El Paso, TX.
  • Incubation of mosaic and textile art entrepreneurship.
  • Incubation of entrepreneurship with NIENMORE women with textile art.
  • We developed a model for addressing women’s mental health, integrating art as part of psychotherapy.