Jeunesse Active pour le Développement des Communautés Nigériennes (JADCN)

  • Duration

    20 Months

  • Window

    Window 2

Jeunesse Active pour le Développement des Communautés Nigériennes (JADCN) is a recognized NGO established under Nigerien law, empowered by Order No. 01140 / MISPD / ACR / DGAPJ / DLP of 20 November 2019, with its headquarters situated in Niamey. The organization operates across all 7 regions of Niger, dedicated to serving vulnerable social groups. At the core of JADCN’s mission lies the promotion of sustainable development, particularly through empowering grassroots initiatives among youth and women. Accredited as a training operator by Fonds d’Appui à la Formation Professionnelle (FAFPA) since July 2020, JADCN has made significant strides in reintegrating marginalized individuals back into their communities.


Since its inception, JADCN has facilitated the reintegration of 122 school dropouts, 275 women (including those with disabilities), and 20 single mothers, fostering their socio-professional and economic independence. The organization’s approach is centered on personalized support, guiding beneficiaries through tailored transition plans to achieve their aspirations. Through collaborative efforts and local partnerships, JADCN delivers a spectrum of vital services, encompassing vocational training, counseling, and psychosocial assistance. Above all, JADCN believes in the inherent potential of every individual, advocating for equitable support systems to enable their success and prosperity.