Organisation de Secours aux Handicapés de Guinée (OSH-Guinée)

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OSH-Guinée’s vision is that of a fair and egalitarian society where the rights of disabled people are respected and their potential fully realized.

OSH Guinea (Organisation de Secours aux Handicapés de Guinée) stands for the values of trust, perseverance and autonomy. Its mission is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, making them autonomous and independent, and ensuring their full participation in the development of their country. To achieve these goals, OSH-Guinea is committed to promoting inclusive education, facilitating access to medical care, fostering empowerment through socio-professional integration, combating violence against people with disabilities, and contributing to the elimination of social and physical barriers to their emancipation.

In short, OSH-Guinea works to create an environment that is inclusive, equitable and respectful of the rights of people with disabilities, with the aim of making them full players in Guinean society.