April 4, 2024

Feminist Approaches to Project Design: CREA Organizes a Training with CSOs in Bangladesh

By: Gayathri Gamage

CREA conducted an empowering training on 'Feminist Approaches to Project Design' in Dhaka, Bangladesh in February 2024.


Supported by AFD and the French Ministry of Europe and External Affairs, the Feminist Opportunities Now (FON) consortium fights Gender-Based Violence by funding and accompanying grassroot Civil-Society Organizations who champion the cause in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh, this project is implemented by the feminist international human rights organization, Creating Resources for Empowerment and Action (CREA), whose work draws upon the inherent value of a rights-based approach to sexuality and gender equality.


This immersive training program on ‘Feminist Approaches to Project Design’, held in February 2024, aimed at facilitating capacity sharing among civil society organizations in the region. Through interactive sessions, group activities, case studies, and discussions, attendees learned to identify and challenge gender biases, power imbalances, and social injustices inherent in traditional project design processes.


Participants engaging in groups to share learnings

The event aimed to equip participants with the skills to create projects that are more equitable, inclusive, and effective, addressing the diverse needs of communities and promoting gender equality.